Triptych: Laura Risk, Kieran Jordan, Paddy League. Traditional Irish, Scottish and French-Canadian music and dance.

Elegant and soulful renderings of traditional music and dance from Irish, Scottish, and French-Canadian traditions...
A tasteful yet gutsy sound and a visually invigorating live concert performance

Triptych: Laura Risk, Kieran Jordan, Paddy League

The long-awaited debut album is now available! With a mix of songs and tunes from the Irish, Scottish and French-Canadian traditions, plus some originals, this CD showcases the fluid, improvisational energy of the trio.

Available for purchase and download at

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  1. Rise Ye Lazy Fellow
  2. Nansai Og Ni Obarlain
  3. O'Donnell's Hornpipe / Thomond Bridge
  4. The Guinea Hen / Galician March
  5. The House on the Hill
  6. The Girl from the Big House / Lady Washington
  7. Mo Bhron Ar an Bhfarraige
  8. Dickie Rogers' Pedestal Clog
  9. The Plains of Abraham / The Pickpocket
  10. Pay As You Go / Porst an Righ
  11. Moving On Song
  12. Antoine's



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